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Unlock a world of possibilities for your children (Age 5-18) with our exciting IT learning adventures.

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About this Course

This course makes learning fun, offering kids and teens an easy introduction to coding and robotic technology. Through engaging activities and challenges, they'll learn to think creatively and solve problems, gaining skills in programming and robotics that spark their interest in technology.



Explore coding with the Cue Robot, enhancing problem-solving skills through block or text-based coding challenges, emphasizing the role of humans in guiding robotic technology.


Experience the fusion of digital and real worlds in coding, designing augmented reality and virtual reality projects that combine creativity, game design, and animation skills.

Game Development

Use Construct 3 to create visually appealing games, applying basic coding concepts like variables, loops, and conditionals in a practical gaming context.

Coding with Counter Hack

Get introduced to fundamental coding logic and JavaScript syntax, focusing on events, sequences, and loops, setting a foundation for advanced coding skills.

Micro:bit and Maqueen

Dive into programming with Micro:bit and Maqueen, using sensors and outputs for creative problem-solving and logical thinking in block or text-based coding languages.

Digital Literacy

Learn to effectively use and manage digital information through engaging video animations, covering topics like media utilization, information sourcing, and digital dissemination.


What Students Say About Our Courses

Hear directly from our learners. Dive into their testimonials and get a glimpse of the transformative experiences and skills they've gained through our courses.

Discovering the Simplicity of Coding

Learning to code here has revealed countless amazing discoveries for me. The instructors made me see that coding can start in the simplest and most accessible way

Ethan (10)

From Gamer to Game Creator

I've always loved playing games in my free time. During the course my instructor introduced me to creating my own games using Construct3 and Scratch.

Chris (9)

Expert Instructors

I've always dreamed of being a programmer and pursuing a computer science major. With the Instructor's guidance, that vision is now crystal clear.

Jasper (16)


Confidence Boost

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Manuel Price


Lifelong Learning

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Shelli Kinser



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Anthony Walker

Learning Methods

Adaptive Learning

We tailor educational experiences uniquely to each student by gauging their strengths, weaknesses, and learning pace. Through continuous feedback, content and resources are adjusted in real-time, ensuring that learners are always engaged at their optimal level. This dynamic approach ensures deeper understanding, retention, and a more personalized learning journey.

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